Clearinghouse Solutions for EMR/EHR 

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) store mass amounts of data including patient information, financial information, and more. These records are the hub of your organization and need an efficient channel to pass data through to other necessary parties in the revenue cycle.
With connections to over 16,000 Payers  nationwide, the Smart Data Stream Clearinghouse offers a full-service electronic solution to meet the needs of EMR/EHR vendors. 
Features of the Stream Clearinghouse:
    • Optimized claim workflows 
    • Claims monitoring 
    • Real-time eligibility and claim status checks
    • And more! 

Utilizing these clearinghouse features yeilds benefits such as decreased denials, a simplified claims revenue cycle, and increased productivity. For more information on how to smoothly transfer your EMR/EHR data, head to our website