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The below resources are available to help conduct EDI business successfully. For questions on Provider EDI Services, you can reference the frequently asked questions page

Payer ID grids

AmeriHealth maintains multiple payer IDs to represent different product lines. The links below contain detailed inform professional and facility payer IDs.

2023 Professional claims payer IDs

2023 Facility claims payer IDs

2024 Professional claims payer IDs

2024 Facility claims payer IDs

Claim Resolution Matrix

The following document provides guidance on resolving claim rejections:

Professional & Institutional

Companion guides

These documents provide guidelines for conducting EDI transactions with AmeriHealth and supplement the HIPAA–mandated 5010 ASC X12 Implementation Guides and addenda with clarifications and payer–specific usage and content requirements.

AmeriHealth HIPAA Transaction Standard Companion Guide

AmeriHealth Administrators HIPAA Transaction Standard Companion Guide

SDS 270 Eligibility Inquiry Companion Guide

Sample transactions

De-identified EDI transaction samples that Trading Partners may conduct formatted with carriage returns for ease of review.

837P: health care claim professional

837I: health care claim institutional (facility)

TA1: interchange acknowledgment

999: implementation acknowledgment for health care insurance

277CA: health care claim acknowledgment 

835: health care Claim payment/advice

EFT/ERA resolution procedures

• If an EFT payment has not been received after 4 business days of receipt of the corresponding ERA/835 file, you can research it by contacting AmeriHealth through the Provider eBusiness Inquiry form:

•  For New Jersey

•  For Pennsylvania

If an ERA/835 file has not been received after 4 business days of receipt of the corresponding EFT payment, you can research it by contacting SDS support at 855-297-4436.

System maintenance

System Maintenance is performed every third Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. ET

QuickClaim update notifications

Privacy policy & end user agreement

Smart Data Solutions privacy policy

QuickClaim portal end–user agreement

Contact us

You can contact our support team Mon. Fri., 8 a.m. 5 p.m. ET at or 855-297-4436.


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