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Find the directions below to register as a Trading Partner for Independence with Smart Data Solutions and how to access the application.

What is a Trading Partner?

Trading Partner refers to any entity that conducts EDI transactions with Independence directly through the Smart Data Solutions Stream Clearinghouse. A Trading Partner may identify itself as a provider entity, billing service, or clearinghouse.

What is a Trading Partner Administrator?

The Trading Partner Administrator (hereafter referred to as "Administrator") refers to the primary representative of the Trading Partner entity (such as a provider office, billing service, or clearinghouse) that is authorized to conduct all electronic business by and on behalf of the Trading Partner, such as modifying capabilities and conducting electronic transaction inquiries. The Administrator must complete the application. Before creating an account, please confirm that you have the authorization to do so. 

Do I need to sign up as a Trading Partner?

Register with the portal if you wish to conduct EDI transactions through Smart Data Stream and are not using a third-party intermediary already maintaining its own Trading Partner relationship.

Do not register if you are using a third-party intermediary already registered as a Trading Partner. For instructions on how to enroll an existing Trading Partner with any billing group NPI for which it conducts business, contact

What does the process involve? 

1. Complete the online Open Enrollment Account Registration at Smart Data Stream by filling in the required details. Once the registration has been completed, select your preference for the activation code delivery to begin the verification process. The exact information used for registration will need to be used again to verify the account. View the Trading Partner Registration Guide.

2. After the verification process is complete, the user will receive login credentials and be able to access the fully activated account.

3. Additional updates can now be made to the Trading Partner account – View the Smart Data Solutions User Guide

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